Saturday, 13 October 2018

Latest Update (14/10/2018)

Mr.Sam Ali changed the name of the band as "The Diffusant" and also have created new page on Facebook. However previous page remains active.
Xaidi Records Studio is being recording new tracks of the latest band of Mr.Sam Ali "The Diffusant" from which the following album is going to be released.
After the release of the songs from album (Sinister 2018) The Diffusant also decided to do tours and concerts at different places.

Album Name                      : Sinister 2018
By                                       : The Diffusant
Expected Date Of Release :  1st Jan 2018 (Not fixed but its the maximum time)
Will be available at             : The Diffusant YouTube Channel.
                                               and some online stores.

The album Sinister 2018 has the following five tracks:

The Diffusant - Seeking For Hope (Official Video)
The Diffusant - Buried Dreams (Official Video)
The Diffusant - Walking Along The Road
The Diffusant - Paradise
The Diffusant - World Of Peace

Quote " I haven't appeared in any show or YouTube channel for music and even never made any post since 5 Dec 2014. I hope you guys would appreciate my music as you did before."

Sunday, 31 May 2015


A new track is bieng recorded. It will be here very soon.
This track is named as "Paradise" by writer "Asim Ali" and is bieng recorded by XR Studio and it will be here very soon. Thanks to all of the fans who supports me alot.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

New Song Released "Lost Treasure"

Check our Video with HQ audio on YouTube:

This is the third track from my second album "Destroyed Citizens". I hope you will love this song. I have personal attachment with this song. It is dedicated to someone who passed away. She was everything to me. I still love her more than life.
Well i used a different method of music composing in this song than my others. I used  Jazz guitar sound for lyrics and chords changes after every two words. I generated sound of this jazz guitar from a hollow body electric guitar of a different kind. And there were some alteration to its pre-amp and pickup from me because i wanted to use three piezo pickups on different sides on my guitar to get the clear and desired sound. I used my electric drums. Recorded audio along the track i composed and then sent the whole data to "Xaidi Records" and they mixed and mastered the track and released it.
After two days this song was released on Sound-cloud page of "Xaidi Records" and also on some other sites.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

Hi fans..!!

Wish you a happy new year. Its the time to celebrate this beautiful new year. We thank to God for giving us this life to see this beautiful Year 2014. 
With this new year i brought a good news for you. That my 2nd Original song "Lost Treasure" from my 2nd album "Destroyed Citizens" is going to be released very soon.
This song will be firstly aired on YouTube Channel then on the following link:
  1. Facebook
  2. SoundCloud
  3. Twitter
  4. MySpace
  5. GrooveShark

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

2nd Track of Second Album

"End of the road" is the second track from the second album "Destroyed Citizens" by "Mr.Sam Ali". It took about 2 months to complete this song. I always wanted to do this type of music. Mostly people likes dark music and they will gonna enjoy it. Your moments when you listen to my songs means lot to me. This is your support and love. I appreciate every single like and comments and understand you deep thought and reasons behind them. So please keep supporting me.
Vocalist/Writer : Syed Asim Ali Zaidi (Mr.Sam Ali)
Composer/Producer : Syed Asim Ali Zaidi (Mr.Sam Ali)
Recorded By : SSB Studio
Released By : Xaidi Records® at Aug 2013

©Copyrights Mr.Sam Ali Original Songs Reg 2011,2012,2013-2030 UTC and PDT - All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Destroyed Citizens

This is second music album of "Mr.Sam Ali" and it was completed in 2012 and released in 2013. It also contains ten songs having a specific sequence. Below here you can see the album art of "destroyed citizens"
As you can see song names are written in this picture in proper sequence.

  1. Forever Yours                     (HQ AUDIO)  (HQ VIDEO)   (BUY/DOWNLOAD)
  2. Last Fight
  3. Lost Treasure
  4. You'll Never Find
  5. That's What
  6. Can't Let You Go
  7. Destiny
  8. In The Train
  9. Don't You See
  10. So Confused

CLICK HERE TO SEE DESTROYED CITIZENS BLOG.Julia Brett also created blog about this album that contains full information about the songs with links.

Another Special Song:

This song was fun to do. Its name is "Telling You Goodbye" released this past year 31 dec 2013. This was dedicated to the old memories of 2012.

This song is 100% free to download.

Give me your feedback about what you like in my songs. Have a great day..!!
Mr.Sam Ali

Broken Heart Mega

Broken Heart Mega was the first album of "Mr.Sam Ali" which was completed in 2011 and released in 2012. This is album art picture.

This album contains ten songs and all of the songs were released in their proper sequence.

  1. If I'll Ever Come Back
  2. Hope
  3. Gone Away
  4. Time To Get Up Now
  5. Dream of You
  6. Suffocate
  7. One More Chance
  8. Winter Days
  9. I Wrote This Song
  10. Feel

You can visit these link to listen them at MySpace ,Facebook Fan Page,Soundcloud or some other site like MTVGrooveShark etc. Or You Can Listen at YouTube Channel.

About this album a blog was created by a fan. Her name is "Julia Brett" she worked hard in promoting the music of "Mr.Sam Ali" That Blog is named as the album name "Broken Heart Mega".

This album is available for listen and download. You can visit the YouTube Link and Listen to Songs and can buy the song from the download links. All the songs are released from his record label "XAIDI RECORDS".
So you can buy songs from the song selling accounts of Xaidi Records.
Browse and listen songs, add to cart, buy & download instantly.