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Welcome to my Download page.
Buy/Download service from "Xaidi Records" is aired now. So Enjoy and have fun. Download all the stuff you want.
Here you can download/buy my songs easily. just a single click will lead you to the selling store. I guarantee you that your purchasing is 100% safe. So don't forget to download my HQ audio songs. Below the song name there is a buy/download button. You can simply click to that button and that button will take you to the store.
Some of my songs are available for free. Yeah they are freeware. You can download them without spending money. But all other songs which are for selling at the stores are also at the cheap price i.e, 0.99$ USD only. This is the price of each for my every track. 
If a red link appears here and your are unable to click that link, button or text this means the download is not available here. You can contact me here for any broken link. Thank you..!!


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  • Mr.Sam Ali - I Wrote This Song
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  • Mr.Sam Ali - Winter Days
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  • Mr.Sam Ali - Feel
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  • Mr.Sam Ali - Goodbye 2012
  • Mr.Sam Ali - One More Chance
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  1. hello sam cant wait to listen to ur next song! love you always! michele

    1. Thank you Michele..!! Glad to see you here.

  2. No doubt you looks beautiful......

  3. Fantastic blog and awesome music

  4. Your voice is so cute. Your rock songs suits you


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