Hi my name is "Syed Asim Ali Zaidi" and i am well known as "Mr.Sam Ali" and i am a vocalist,writer and musician. Born at 28th of August 1991 in Lahore,Pakistan.
I have released many of my original songs. I have released all of my songs in complete sets of albums that are "Broken Heart Mega Album 2012" and "Destroyed Citizens Album 2013". Each album contains 10 tracks.

  • How i create my songs:

I firstly write lyrics for the songs. The idea to write lyrics always comes suddenly. This is the main reason that most of my songs are based on reality.

  • Composition:

After writing lyrics and checking them carefully i just start making its vocal composition. Some i sing along guitar or sometimes with piano etc. 

  • Selecting type of Music:

When i finish recognizing the chords for my songs i just start thinking about which type of pattern of guitars or piano and which type of music will be good for my lyrics. 

  • Recording:

I record all of my songs myself that is why there is always my name is mention as a producer too in the descriptions of my songs.

  • Editing, Mixing & Mastering:

I after recording my vocals along with my composed musical track, starts editing but i do not edit much. I just add some basic echos and remove some noise that disturbs the quality. After these processes i mix down all the tracks in such a way that isolation of vocals and musical track become impossible like all the studio does. 

  • My Genre :

I done have a fixed genre. I do rock, trance, alternative, ballad, blues, metal etc. I always thanks to my God for making me perfect to do everything i want.

  • My Hobbies:

  1. Electronics is my hobby and i love creating something by my hand. I have a proper command on electronics because it is my field of study too. I named my technology and inventions as "Sam Technology Professionals".
  2. Research is my hobby. I like to research and investigate any thing.

  • Who Works With Me:

There is no one who help me in composing writing singing and recording and releasing. I do it all my self. But my online fans from "Vol Studio" help in promoting my music and sharing it by links with others.

  • Single Song Released:
I released a songs that was named as "telling you goodbye". I dedicated this song to my old memories of 2012. And it was released on 31-Dec-2012. I completed this song in one day only and i released it the same day. Most important this is the only song that i released as freeware for my fans to download it for free.

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